We stand behind our products! - José Calero, President & CEO

Our swivels and carts are made of high quality materials tested through thousands of operations with varying weight loads at or above the rated capacity. They are made of high impact ABS or Polypropylene and steel. We make them tough, so you can rely on the strength and durability.

Swivels for 2 Leg TVs and large TVs

Swivel the glare away, watch from a different part of the room! Fits any size TV. Perfect for those with 2 leg TVs and single leg TVs with legs wider than 23 inches.

Link-It Modular Carts

The Link-It Multipurpose Rolling Utility Cart has a unique modular design that lets you build the perfect cart! Supports over 350 pounds! Strong and durable, it's expandable in height width and depth with accessories available.

Swivels for Single Leg TVs

Specifically designed for big screen TV's whose base is larger than 16”, but smaller that 23”. Provides excellent stability and maneuverability. Supports up to 200 Lbs. Measures 22” by 16”.

Swivels in Several Sizes

Our swivels are super strong and built to last. Choose the size you need for computer monitor, art, utility, organization, even outdoor models for the garden.

TV Accessories

Enjoy your TV and video game experience more without the fuss. See our growing selection of extra gear to improve your fun.

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