We stand behind our products!

Our carts are made of high quality materials tested through thousands of operations with varying weight loads at or above the rated capacity. They are made strong, with durable and resistent ribbed polypropylene and steel.

Link-It Modular Cart

The Link-It Multipurpose Utility Cart has a unique modular design that lets you build the perfect cart! One 2 Tier cart with casters included. Buy 2 or more for linking options. Measures 18.5 x 14.5 inches and 23 inches tall, perfect to roll under desk or table Supports over 350 pounds! Strong, durable, expandable.

Link-It Mini Tier Accessory

The Mini Tier is a half height shelf that works with the Link-It Cart. It's a new way to build your cart. Add a shorter level on your Link-It Cart. Stack vertically or link side by side. So many new options!

Link-It Bundle - 3 Tier Cart

The Link-It 3 Tier cart with casters, second tier is half height. Measures 18.5 x 14.5 inches and 32 inches tall. Different configurations possible. Great for small item orgnaizing.

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