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LapWorks specializes in ergonomic solutions for better, safer and more comfortable use of your technology, including TV swivels and carts, portable iPad holders, lap desks, desktop stands and mounts, floor stands and various other accessories for notebooks and tablets. Our latest product is a swivel seat designed to make exploring virtual reality (VR) safer and more enjoyable. We also carry a line of gaming desks for the serious laptop gaming community.

Our products make working with your technology safer, easier and more productive. Design, customer service, warehousing, shipping and executive level work is US based, but to provide competitve pricing many of the products are made in China, Taiwan and Korea. We have worked diligently to develop the LapWorks brand that has become know for top quality and value. We will not sacrifice our reputation for a cheaply made product with a high margin.

Our products do the following:

LapWorks sold the first truly mobile & portable lap desk in 2000 and continues to lead the field. We have sold over one million laptop desks world wide since 2000 which makes us the world leader in this category.

Customer Service:

For questions about products or fastest and easiest help with a product you ordered, email us at customerservice@laptopdesk.net

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LapWorks, Inc.
7955 Layton Street
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José Calero, President and Founder, LapWorks Inc.

After a very successful twenty-year career in the industrial packaging industry, José Calero retired and started LapWorks in April 2000 to develop notebook computer accessories that serve as lap desks for mobile professionals – notebook users who use their notebooks away from their office. These portable lap desks also reduce and deflect the heat that builds-up in notebook computers protecting the users lap. Prior to starting LapWorks, Calero studied the notebook industry for 2 ½ years to identify the hazards of using a laptop computer in the field and in the office. Aside from the fatal crash to the floor, which IDC determined was the leading cause of laptop damage, constant overheating is the laptop's worst enemy. This overheating causes the user great discomfort and sometimes heat burns on their lap. Risks to the user include “hot leg,” and neck, back and shoulder strain from the poor ergonomic angles users are forced to type in when a laptop is set flat on a desk.

To address these concerns, in November 2000, LapWorks launched its first portable lap desk called the Laptop Desk version 1.0. The goals LapWorks set were to (1) improve typing on the lap without allowing the notebook to slip; (2) to prevent the discomfort of using an overheated notebook on the lap and (3) to cool the notebook computer and dramatically reduce the overheating threat to the computer. With the Laptop Desk version 2.0, announced in April 2002, LapWorks launched a new category with the industry's first dual-purpose lap desk that doubled as a desktop typing stand for better ergonomic typing on desks. Calero's third product, the Laptop Desk UltraLite, was launched in August 2004. It quickly established itself as the thinnest and lightest portable lap desk on the planet and still holds that title as of this writing.

Calero's fourth Laptop Desk was the Futura launched in July 2007. Due to its radical design and heat reducing qualities, it quickly became the best selling laptop desk LapWorks ever produced. At it peak in September 2009, the Futura was selling over 25,000 units per month though distribution and retail stores. Combined, LapWorks has sold over 1,000,000 laptop desks to date. From the launch of the very first lap desk, LapWorks products have earned more awards for quality and performance than any other competitor in its category.

In 2008 LapWorks was first to launch three Gamers Desks for those video gamers who play FPS and WoW fantasy video games. In the year since their launch, LapWorks Gamers Desks have become the best selling gamers desks on the market.

In April 2010, LapWorks launched its first iPad desk stand and since then has launched dozens products for the iPad and tablet market which include desk stands, bed stands, hand holders and standing pedestal stands. LapWorks has developed a reputation for selling innovative products with the finest quality and most reasonable pricing.

To sharpen his business skills, Mr. Calero has worked with the Small Business Institute, Center for Entrepreneurship at California State University in Fullerton, California from 2004 to 2015. He assists teams of under grad and graduate students advising them with the launch of a product or a business or performing a consulting service for a local business. He assists the student teams in such areas as Leadership, Management, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, New Venture Creation & Funding and Product Development. He also advises other entrepreneurs seeking his advice with a variety of business concerns. José Calero assists at local high schools working with at-risk students to help them develop a broader and more focused life perspective.

And a word about Customer Service: there is no higher calling for a business, especially an online business, than to provide the highest degree of service possible to its customers. LapWorks operates on the principal of fulfilling customer expectations first time, every time. LapWorks' marching orders are simple: take care of the customers and the order take care of themselves.

In the past during a period of community service to the Hispanic community of Los Angeles, José Calero served as president of Los Angeles' Latin Businessmen's Association for three years and founding president of the Los Angeles' Federation of Minority Business Association. He also served on the Board of Directors of Los Angeles' Salesian Boys Club, as co-chairman of the City of Los Angeles Committee for Minority Procurement for the 1984 Olympics, on the Los Angeles' Youth Motivation Task Force and on the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation for the city and county of Los Angeles. Mr. Calero is a Viet Nam veteran and was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries received in combat. He was discharged from the Army with honor.

José Calero lives and works in Rancho Cucamonga, California, with his wife, Leslie, they married in 1969. They have three grown sons, six grandchildren, and a great dog companion named Jax.

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