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Handler iPad Strap & Desk Mount

Handler iPad Strap & Desk Mount

The first no-gripping hand-held iPad holder and desk stand Two separate functioning components that work as one Hand-held component fits the iPad 2, 3 & 4 Slide hand through Velcro strap for safe secure holding Elastic Velcro strap completely adjustable to comfort fit Swiveling hub on Handler swivels 360" Desk mount units reclines from vertical to lay flat Desk mount base also swivels 360" for best viewing Rubber pads on Desk Mount create solid gripping

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Compatible with iPad 2, 3 & 4

The Handler iPad Strap and Desk Mount is the first non-gripping, hand-held iPad holder with its own desk stand. Now you can say good-bye forever to hand fatigue and sore fingers from gripping your iPad for way too long. The Handler iPad Strap and Desk Mount is not a partial hand-strap that still requires you to use your thumb for gripping or a single finger-loop device or a rigid rounded hand grip. The Handler iPad Strap and Desk Mount is the ergo-friendly real deal - it is completely non-gripping and stress-free allowing you hours of one handed operation without stress, strain or fatigue.

This innovative new iPad accessory from LapWorks is actually two separate functioning components that work as one when joined together.

When used separately, the hand-held component, called the "Handler," fits the iPad 2, 3 & 4 snuggly and securely. The Handler does NOT fit the iPad 1 or any other tablet.

The Handler snaps on to the back of the iPad and the user simply slides one hand through a adjustable Velcro strap. The strap fits over the back of the hand comfortably and provides a safe, secure and effortless way of holding the iPad without having to grip it.

The Handler has a built-in swiveling hub that allows the user to easily rotate the iPad between portrait and landscape views or any position in between. The Velcro strap is adjustable, so one size really does fit all, left or right hand.

When it's time to set up the iPad for hands-free viewing, simply insert the Handler onto the desktop component called the 'Desk Mount' and voil': instant desk-stand viewing and operation. Once locked into the Desk Mount, the Handler still rotates in windmill fashion from portrait to landscape. But the Desk Mount also has a few tricks of its own.

First, the Desk Mount reclines from a 90" vertical stance to a 165" reclining position, suitable for direct typing or game play. The reclining mechanism is based on a friction locking system that can support weights in excess of the iPad or normal hand pressure the user will apply while typing or inputting. Second, the Desk Mount base also swivels 360" for the benefit of screen sharing and optimum viewing angles.

The Handler iPad Strap and Desk Mount is the only complete, stress-free holding and desktop viewing system for the mobile iPad user. It offers great flexibility without stress and strain and eliminates the potential health risks associated with Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD). The Handler iPad Strap allows users to hold their iPad in one hand for long periods of time without feeling any fatigue whatsoever. And the Desk Mount provides reclining and swiveling capabilities equal to any versatile desktop stand.

Persons who have difficulty gripping can benefit from the Handler iPad Strap because the Velcro strap makes using their iPad a non-gripping, stress-free event. Individuals and professionals who use iPads for daily business functions can work effortlessly without experiencing hand fatigue.

The Handler was designed to accommodate the naked iPad without cases or folios. However, an iPad with the Smart Cover can still fit but the Locking Key must first be rotated 180 upward in order to fold the Smart Cover over the screen and then rotated back again to lock the iPad firmly in place.

Press Reviews:

"One unique feature of the hand held component is the hand fastener. Every other hand held product that I have seen has offered an elastic band to hold the user"s hand in place. The Handler has heavy duty Velcro as the method of holding the users hand in place. This allows for a wide variance in hand sizes." - Nancy Gravley, The Mac Observer

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"Given that you get the Handler bracket itself, plus the substantial and well-designed Desk Mount, both featuring robust solid engineering and evident high materials quality, the product"s $39.95 list price seems quite reasonable to me." - Charles Moore, MacPrices

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Our Customers Say...
  • September 4, 2011-

    Item arrived on time, works as advertised. An excellent purchase for the price. Charles B.

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