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Have you been to LAN parties where there wasn't enough table/counter space to go around? Now you can play MMO and FPS games from your couch - without sacrificing precision control!

VR Swivel Seat

Okay, this isn't a gamer's desk, but it is for gamer's. Spins 360 degrees so you can Safely explore Virtual Reality while sitting comfortably on the floor. Lightweight and portable, easy to reposition.

Original Gamer's Desk W/ Two Mouzpads

Our strongest and sturdiest gaming desk. Strong enough to support a 12 lb. bouncing bowling ball. The Original Gamer's Desk prevents the HOT LEG effect. The desk size with the two included MouzPads is 26-1/4" long.

Futura Gamer's Desk w/Max MouzPad

For the most mousing space, try this Gamer's Desk with the Max MouzPad - a 9" x 11" portable mouse pad that snaps on to your Futura. This Gamer's Desk is 27-1/2" long - perfect for big-screen gaming notebooks!

Laptop Desk 2.0 Combo Pack

The Combo pack comes with Laptop Desk 2.0 with MouzPad. Laptop Desk 2.0 Spans your lap or folds into a desk top stand with 5 ergonomic typing angles. Ventilation channels reduce heat in your notebook by 15% to 20%. MouzPad Snaps on to provide a larger mousing surface. Works for left or right-handed people.

Max MouzPad for Gamer's Desk

The Max MouzPad is a 9" x 11" portable mousing platform. It attaches to the Futura Laptop Desk to create portable gaming platforms for serious gamers. It snaps on and holds agressively but can be removed easily when necessary.

Mouzpad for Laptop Desk Original & 2.0

This MouzPad was designed to work with both the Laptop Desk 2.0 and the 1.0 aka the Original. It measures 6" x 9" and is connected by a snaps on and snaps off function. It is made of Polycarbonate and is very strong. It extends the overall length of the Laptop Desk by 3".

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