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Sky Crane iPad and Tablet Floor Stand

Ultimate Stability and Adjustability for standing, sitting or lying. All Steel construction & telescoping height adjustment to over 6 feet. Counter balanced Arm extends over 2 feet. Satin Black or Pure White finish

Armbot Jr 2.0 iPad / Tablet Mount

Mounts with C-clamp mount or Giant Suction cup. Articulated arm reaches 18 inches. Push and pull to position freely with no knob adjustment needed! Grips iPad mini, iPad Air, most tablets 7 to 10 inch! Also works with iPhones and Smart Phones. The Spring-Bracket greatly improves ease of use and stability. Hook one side, pull to catch the other side and your done! Holds solid!

Gaze Eye-Level Stand for iPads & Tablets

Fits all iPad and tablets, from the smallest tablet, Kindle, iPad mini, to the 12.9 iPad Pro and Surface Pro. Raises 11 to 18 inches for easy and comfortable viewing! Sturdy weighted base is safe and secure. Easy adjustment! Hands-free operation, ergonomic usage

Armbot iPad Tablet Mount

Three sectioned modular arm. Attaches to table, desk tops or almost any edge. 37.4” long at full extensions with all three arm sections. Accommodates all iPads and most tablets from 7 to 14” screens.

SteadiLift Stand

The SteadiLift iPad and Tablet Stand is a thin, lightweight stand with great stability and foolproof design for all your iPads, tablets and small notebooks. Rugged high impact ABS will last forever.

iPad Stand & E-Reader Recliner

Compatible with any iPad or tablet. The iPad Recliner is an incredibly versatile easy chair for your iPad and will provide the prefect viewing angle when you just want to sit back and watch . . . . hands free! Just change body positions and adjust your iPad’s angle with ease. The iPad Recliner is the Lazy Boy of iPad loungers.

iPad & Tablet Stem

Our most affordable Floor Stand for Tablets, the LapWorks Stem. Adjustable height and angle. Accommodates all iPads and tablets with screens 7 to 14 inches.

Cantilever 2.0 Tablet Mount for iPads & Tablets

Fits up to 11 inch iPads or tablets. Telescoping components collapse to a small profile or expand to a waist high viewing pose. Pedestal elevates up to 39-1/2” and cantilever arm extends out to 20-1/2”. Constructed of 3/4” diameter brushed Aluminum and weighs a just 2.2 lbs.

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