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Imagine your iPad or tablet could be where you want it, when you want it, in the perfect position floating in front of you with no effort on your part.

What if it could hover over you as you laid in bed watching a movie?

What if it was in front of you at eye level as you sat on the couch, worked at your desk or in the kitchen?

What if you could lie back in the bath and the tablet was within easy reach, so you could relax and read while enjoying a nice soak without a tablet propped on your belly or off to the side at some neck-aching angle?

You can have all that and more with the LapWorks Sky Crane, the most advanced, friendly and reliable stand for your iPad or 7 to 14 inch tablet or 2-in1 notebook up to 0.5 inche thick.

Look no further - This is the ultimate stand for your iPad or tablet!

Note: Does not include iPad or Human. :)

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Reach: 4 to 5 foot vertical pole with a 3 foot arm

Adjusable height, ngle, tilt and rotation

Compatibility: All iPads from iPad mini to 12.9 iPad Pro, all Surface, Surface Pro tablets

Use Standing, Sitting or Lying down.

Works with most cases with thickness of 0.5 inches or less (1.2 cm)

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