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LapWorks Perch TV Top Shelves - set of 2 Shelves. Two 13 x 6 inch shelves included. Heavy Duty 13 pound capacity! Place on opposite ends for stereo or together for larger items.

Place on opposite ends for stereo or together for larger items. Perfect for Stereo Speakers, VR Sensors, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, for game consoles, Tivo, Apple TV, set top boxes, Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc ...

Never lose your TV remotes and accessories. Keep them out of sight and reach of young children.

Set up instructions:
1. Loosen thumbscrew so legs move easily.
2. 90⁰ angle lip hooks over the front of TV.
3. Legs angle to brace on back of TV.
4. Hold the Perch level and tighten thumbscrew.
5. Test by pressing down with your hand.
6. Tighten more or reposition legs as needed.
7. Carefully place items on top.
8. Make sure the hold is secure before releasing.

- The weight placed on the Perch stands should be much less than the weight of your TV. Make certain the TV does not tip back from the weight of the item on top.
- Observe the Perch from the side for several seconds to make sure it isn't dipping from the weight. If it does remove the items on top and readjust the legs. You can set the legs so that the Perch tips forward slightly and the weight will bring the Perch level. When the items are placed on top, make sure the Perch is level.
- Test that floor and tv stand vibrations won't dislodge the items on the Perch.
- You can use both included Perches together for a wide item or separately for two separate items.

Have questions or problems? Please contact us for help:

Note: Does not include TV, Speakers or any other devices in photos. Only the 2 shelves. :)

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Quantity: 2 shelves in each package

Size: 13 x 6 inches

Weight Capacity: 13 pounds each

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