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Mantis Support Arm

Mantis Support Arm

Adjusts into dozens if not hundreds of elevations & inclines
Configurable for floor, chair, sofa, bed, standing or any use
Includes Aluminum mouse pad 7 inches by 7-1/2 inches
Rubber tipped supports grip the notebook firmly and securely
360 degree base supports create maximum stability
Front base support extend 23-3/8 inches
Rear base support extend 6-3/4 inches
Supports up to 40 lbs. of dead weight or any notebook
Use as a lectern at 52 inches tall
Excellent stand for the bed ridden
All Aluminum tubing and stainless steel locking hinge joints
Rigid plastic carrying case for ease of transport
Product weight is 7-1/2 lbs.

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"We Stand Behind Our Products."
Jose Calero, Founder and CEO

The Mantis Support Arm is the new and improved version of the Mantis Notebook Arm. The old version had only two base leg supports extending out at 90-degree angles. The new and improved version now has four base legs that extend out 360 degrees that dramatically improves the Mantis"s stability over the old version.

In addition to the improved stability, the Mantis Support Arm now comes in a rigid plastic carrying case for ease of transport and is now equipped with its own mouse pad. But the biggest surprise is that the Mantis costs significantly less than the old version.

If this is your first introduction to the Mantis Support Arm, it"s best described as a unique pedestal stand that can configure itself into hundreds of positions, inclines and angles. From as low as ground level up to 52" in height. The Mantis can accomplish this variety of positions due to its pedestal stand that is divided into three-sections. Between each pedestal section are hinged joints that allow the pedestal to fold into hundreds of positions and configurations.

The Mantis Support Arm can support weights from 15 to 40 lbs. depending on the severity of the angle and degree of articulation. The Mantis can be used as an off-the-lap notebook support when sitting on the floor or a speaker"s lectern when making a standing presentation.

This is the most versatile pedestal stand on the planet bar none! The Mantis can cantilever over one's bed or over one's desk or over a kitchen counter displaying a cookbook. It has an incredible number of uses limited only by your imagination. Watch a movie while in bed or lounging in your favorite recliner or luxuriating in a warm bath. . . . . why not?

The Mantis Support Arm is made of Aluminum with long lasting steel hinge joints and gears. It will support the heaviest of notebooks and can articulate from floor level up to 52" tall by making simple adjustments.

Each pedestal section is approximately 16" long between the hinges. The two front base legs extend outward 23-3/8" while the rear base legs extend 6-3/4" from the pedestal center for maximum support and balance. The unit weighs 7.5 lbs. and requires some minor assembly. The four base legs need to be screwed into the base knuckle and the two platform fingers that support a notebook require two screws each. The Mantis also comes equipped with a screw driver and the screws to hold the platform fingers in place.

We strongly urge you to view the video before purchasing. The Mantis takes some getting use to because it heavily depends on proper set-up and adjustments. This means you need to be absolutely certain to achieve center of gravity when setting up this products. When center of gravity is achieved the Mantis can support up to a 40 lbs. weight maximum. And when you have completed making those adjustments, make absolutely certain that you have tightened the hinge joint tightening handle completely.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: If you would like to add additional weight to the Mantis base, go to your local hardware store and order two lengths of lead rod 21" long by 1" diameter. Remove each foot support and insert one of the lead rods into each foot support and then screw the foot support back into the base joint. The lead rods are not included with the Mantis because their weight would add excessively to the shipping cost.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: When making any kind of adjustment to the Mantis, you must remove your notebook, netbook, iPad or tablet from the unit before making those adjustments. When you complete the adjustment and have confirmed that you achieved 'center-of-gravity' with the new angle, then you can set your device back onto the Mantis.

IMPORTANT NOTE #3: The Mantis does not swivel at its base. The pedestal that extends up from the base WILL NOT ROTATE. You can make left or right position settings only at the hinge joints but not at the base.

IMPORTANT NOTE #4: If you have any questions about specific parts on the Mantis, please click to see the Mantis parts reference photos so you can identify the parts by names.


- "The Mantis Notebook Arm is really a notebook stand with articulating joints that allow you to configure the stand how you want for a versatile and fully adjustable notebook accessory." - Jeff Gedgaud, YAHOO

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  • September 4, 2011-

    Item arrived on time, works as advertised. An excellent purchase for the price. Charles B.

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