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Attention teachers, nurses, health care providers, insurance adjusters, anyone using an ipad while moving around. This is an All-Black, unbranded neck strap / shoulder strap that connects to cases and devices that have one or more lanyard ports.

All LapWorks Handle Stand cases have lanyard ports. Now you can carry your iPad hands free and have it at the ready with the Dual Lanyard Neck Strap with quick disconnect.

The Dual Lanyard Neck Strap is the perfect hands-free accessory for iPad users who use their tablets while moving around from room to room, student to student, patient to patient and from client to client.

Hang the lanyard around your neck and the iPad hangs in front of you at waist height. Or hang it around your neck and over one shoulder and the iPad hangs by your side. Either way the iPad will be at the ready when you need it. It's fully adjustable and disconnects quickly and easily.

The iPad Dual Lanyard Neck Strap is designed to work with most iPad and tablet holders.

The lanyard connects to each iPad holder in a different way but with the same results - your iPad's safe, secure and always at the ready by your side.

The secret to the lanyard's flexibility are the dual loops at each end of the lanyard. The loop is made of 60 pound test fishing tackle that is covered with a Nylon sleeve. It is very strong and can support weights much greater than an iPad or tablet.

The loop is then heat welded in place to insure a permanent bond that will never separate. The strip connecting the loop to the quick disconnect is also Nylon. The 1" wide polyester strap is wide enough to be comfortable and not cut into your neck. Be on the move with confidence that your iPad or tablet will be there by your side always at the ready with the Dual Lanyard Neck Strap.

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Compatibility: Works with any case or any device that has lanyard ports

If lanyard ports aren't available, 2 holes that are within 1/4 inch will work

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Note that the videos show the branded version. The unbranded version is exactly the same, but all black, without the white LapWorks logo.

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