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Drop Free Handles for Tablets

Most iPad and tablet cases are thick and heavy, making your thin tablet, bulky and awkward. Our slim cases & holders take a more intelligent approach, preventing drops before they happen. See our full line of Handle Stand cases, holders and lanyards in this category.

Hands Free Use while Sitting

When you sit with a tablet on a desk or table, your neck is bent and can lead to strain. Our sturdy clamping arms, free standing arms and table-top stands offer hands-free use and relieve neck strain. We have something for every budget. Learn more.

Hands Free Use while Standing

Using your tablet in an active way? In the kitchen, garage or office, hands-free tablet use is the best. Our free standing arms, shelf mounted arms and countertop stands allow you mobility and freedom. Choose from several sizes and prices.

Hands Free use Lying Down

Relax and leave the tablet holding to us. Whether in bed, bath or exercising, you need your screen positioned and angled for easy access and stress free viewing without holding it in your hand. You'll learn to love your tablet all over again.

Not sure which tablet or model you have?

Don't worry, we can show you how to identify your iPad or tablet model and point you to compatible accessories. Don't order until you're sure. Many our of products have wide comaptibility, but some do not and you don't want to be disappointed and delayed.

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