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Complete Deskstand List

"We Stand Behind Our Products." Jose Calero, Founder & CEO

Thank you for visiting our Desktop Stand page. We offer the widest variety of Desk Stands anywhere in the U.S. We continue to grow our selection to give you the most choices so you can achieve the best ergonomic and comfortable working environment possible. We understand that we are but a small cog in the great universe of ergonomics and workspace comfort. But do not underestimate the importance of the proper positioning and incline of your notebook's keyboard and correct height of the viewing screen.

(Every ergonomist will tell you NOT to type on a flat keyboard but incline the back end to your comfort level. Any incline that causes you to bend your wrists upward is not good for you. And the proper viewing height for your notebook's screen is where the top of the screen is at of just below your eye level.)

We invite you to scroll through our selection and choose the desk stand that would work best for you. Please remember that we have a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy so if your first choice doesn't work out then return it within the 30 days window and select another. Thank you again for visiting LapWorks.

Wizard off-The-Lap Stand

The Wizard Off-The-Lap Stand is the first all-purpose, fully adjustable, off-the-lap or on-the-lap notebook stand that does it all. It elevates and inclines a notebook computer for your comfort on a sofa, easy chair, on the floor, in bed, on the lawn or anywhere a solid surface is available. One year replacement warranty and lifetime parts warranty.


Wizard MouzPad

The Wizard MouzPad measures 6-1/4 x 7-3/4" and attaches to any leg. Compatible with the LapWorks Wizard and many other Wizard-like stands.


Wizard Stand Velcro Straps

Velcro straps secure your tablet or notebook to your Wizard so that you can view or work while on your back! Use while laying in bed, on the floor or on the chaise lounge. Securely and tightly holds down your notebook with Velcro.


Ezyset Bed Stand

Works as a full lap tray at 22" long by 12-3/4". Two fans for best cooling options. Elevating plate locks in automatically as well as the leg extensions. Support feet automatically set up as elevating plate deploys. Leg height adjustments lock into two elevations automatically.


Mantis Support Arm

The Mantis Notebook Arm is a new product exclusive to our website. This unique stand adjusts to any position with 3 articulating arms. Use as a standing lectern, a reading stand, a bed tray and much more. Supports up to 33 lbs. Long lasting aluminum construction.


Z-Lift Notebook Desk Stand

The Z-Lift Notebook Desk Stand is the only product that lifts and inclines a notebook without the use of a support arm. It elevates up to 9.5" and can supports the weight of the heaviest notebook. The Z-Lift supporting mechanism works through tension locking clamps located in each of the four hinging joints. The unit has a fold-out support shelf that supports the notebook and prevents it from sliding off the platform. The Z-Lift also has a 4-Port USB Hub built-in along with a cooling fan that reduces heat build-up in the notebook. This sleek and stylish product has a smooth shiny finish of gray and black.


Our Portable Lap Desks, Desk Stands, Hand Holders, Mounts, and Pedestal Stands are all about convenience, comfort and ergonomics. All of our products are designed to take the hassles and hazards out of working with your devices whenever and wherever you choose. Don't be fooled by similar products that aren't as flexible forcing you to adjust to them. Demand products that work the way you work and don't settle for anything less.

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  • September 4, 2011-

    Item arrived on time, works as advertised. An excellent purchase for the price. Charles B.

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