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  1. Please measure your TV leg width and depth to ensure compatibility
  2. Please measure your TV stand to make certain you have enough room to rotate the swivel

Easy set up and easy operation! Choose LapWorks proven high-quality swivels for a lifetime of reliable, smooth operation and hassle-free ergonomic design. No other company offers a table-top swivel stand that extends wide enough for today's 2 leg TVs and Ultra wide TVs.

The 4K Swivel extends to any size you need. The base unit includes extensions that let you go from 14 inches wide to 48 inches wide, fitting TVs up to 65”. This model includes two extra pair of extensions to fit TVs up to 85” and with legs up to 72” wide. Depth of the swivel is 12.6” except between the handles which allows 11” depth (please measure your leg width and depth).

For TVs with bases or leg width up to 48 inches, see our standard 4K TV Swivel,

For TVs with bases or leg width 49 to 60 inches, see our plus 1 model 4K TV Swivel with 1 pair of extensions,

For TVs with bases or leg width 61 to 72 inches, see our plus 2 model 4K TV Swivel with 2 pair of extensions,

For even larger TVs add more width in 12 inch increments.

Holds and swivels easily with weights of 80 pounds. Includes swivel stops which attach with micro-suction behind your TV. Also includes TV anchor strap for earthquake areas.

- If you own a 70 inch TV and you measure the base width to be 58 inches. You would need 10 inches more than maximum 4K TV Swivel width of 48. So one 4K TV Extension Pair will provide 12” and will be the perfect fit.
- If your new super sized 80 inch TV has legs that are 70 inches wide, you'd need two 4K TV Extension Pairs to add 24” to the 48” 4K TV Swivel.

The center swivels on steel ball bearings so it maintains strength, while the extensions glide onhigh density felt, so it won't scratch the surface of your table or stand. Strong enough for TVs weighing 80 to 200 pounds.

Note: Does not include TV or TV stand. This is swivel that rests upon the stand. :)

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Width: 14 to 72 inches, expands further with more extensions

Height: 0.9 inches, 1.25 inch including handles

Depth: 12.6 inches, 11 inches between the handles

Width of Center Swivel: 14 inches, 1 included

Width of Rectangular Extensions: 6 inches each, 6 included

Width of Curved Extensions: 11 inches each, 2 included

Weight Capacity: 80 pounds

TV Compatibility: Most TVs up to 85 inch, but please measure leg width - order more extensions as needed

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